Studio Policy

Teaching Philosophy

Learning healthy singing technique can build your confidence, and I want to help you! We will work together to meet your own individual singing goals, while learning and having fun. I will support you on your singing journey, and will encourage you to try new things. Through our work to improve your vocal technique and musicianship, our ultimate goal is to increase your self-confidence.

Teacher Qualifications and Training

  • Over 20 years teaching voice to all ages, 10 years running a full-time voice studio
  • Master's Degree in Vocal Performance, University of Arizona, 2004
  • Bachelor's Degree in Vocal Performance, Lawrence University (WI) Conservatory of Music, 1998
  • Bachelor's Degree in Theatre, Lawrence University (WI), 1998

About Lessons

  • Lessons are held in person or online via Zoom.
  • Students should attend each lesson with their music books, a water bottle, and a pencil.
  • Students choosing online lessons must also have a second device (phone/tablet) available.
  • Students will work on music theory and sight-singing until the required level of music literacy is attained. 
Location: 1214 Gowen Ave in Richland
  • My studio is a safe and welcoming place for all students.
  • The studio is in a newly remodeled area, away from the rest of the house, private and quiet.
  • There is a dedicated restroom, and the waiting area will be expanded post-pandemic.
  • The new studio is down a flight of stairs, so if stairs are a challenge we can do lessons in the upstairs studio.
  • All possible accommodations will be made for physical, learning, and other individual challenges.

Learning Focus

  • Healthy technique for all voices: posture, breathing, phonation, resonance, articulation
  • Classical, music theatre and contemporary styles
  • Musicianship
  • Interpretation and expression
  • Sight singing
  • Basic music theory
  • Audition preparation
  • Foreign languages
  • Healthy public speaking
  • Dialect coaching for theatre
  • ​Ukulele for beginners

Students - Minimum Requirements

  • Age: adolescent through adult
  • Have basic music literacy or an expectation to learn to read music
  • Be active as a music maker if possible (solo performing, church choir, school choir, community choir or musical theatre)


  • The only way to improve is to practice. The more you practice, the faster you will progress.
  • It is important for the student to commit to daily practice. The amount of time per day depends on each student’s goals and should never be less than 15 minutes per day.
  • Time spent in music rehearsals (choir or musicals), where the student is focusing in part on voice technique, may be considered practice time.
  • You can log your practice sessions in your account on the website.

Website: http://mollyholleran.musicteachershelper.com

  • Registration at the website is required.
  • Check calendar and lesson schedule, cancel lessons, sign up for make-up lessons.
  • View past lesson notes.
  • Log your practice sessions.
  • Make payments, track billing.
  • Receive an automatic lesson reminder by email.

Summer 2020 Pricing: $38 per lesson, invoiced monthly, due the first of the month

Studio Membership Rates: Effective Fall 2021

  • $25 Annual Registration Fee: waived for students who sign up for membership
  • Fortissimo Membership: $175 per month
    • Includes weekly lessons (in-person and online), plus unlimited additional lessons as available, asynchronous coaching, group classes, workshops, competitions, recitals, music, backtracks, sight-singing, theory, open mic, studio promotions, and all materials and fees. Students who pay on time with no breaks will lock in their rate forever.
  • Mezzissimo Membership: $100 per month
    • Includes bi-weekly lessons (in-person and online), plus asynchronous coaching, group classes, workshops, competitions, recitals, music, backtracks, sight-singing, theory, open mic, studio promotions, and all materials and fees. Students who pay on time with no breaks will lock in their rate forever.
  • Drop-In Lessons: $45 for a 40 minute lesson, scheduled as available.
    • Students not registered for membership are responsible for any materials and activity fees.
  • Group Classes: $45 per month
    • Includes group voice, music theory, sight-singing, ukulele.

Studio Calendar

  • The studio will be closed for 4 weeks of the year, including Thanksgiving (Thursday through Saturday), two weeks over winter break and one week in the summer. Membership Fees are assessed to account for these closures. 
  • On bank holidays, lessons will be held as usual. 
  • There are no lessons scheduled on Sundays. 
  • If Molly needs to cancel a scheduled lesson, a virtual lesson will be offered.

Lesson Payment

  • Membership Fees are due on the 1st day of the month. Please set up automatic payment if possible.
  • Payments are accepted online via PayPal, and payment by check or cash is accepted. Please make checks payable to Molly Holleran.
  • Lock In Your Rate: If you make payments on time (no later than the 10th of the month), and continue membership without a break, you will lock in your rate forever. If a break is taken or payment is late, the new current rate will then apply going forward. Membership may be transferred to another member of the same family.
  • One membership per person; memberships may not be shared.
  • No refunds will be made for early cancellation of membership.

Virtual Lessons

  • If a student cannot attend a scheduled lesson time for any reason, it may be replaced with a virtual lesson.
  • A virtual lesson may be an online lesson at the scheduled time, or an independent lesson activity.
  • No make-up lessons will be scheduled.
  • Advance notice is required, either through the website, or at mollysings@gmail.com, or 509-438-1606.
  • Missed lessons with no notice are forfeited and will not receive a virtual lesson option.

Adjudications and Studio Recitals

Performance opportunities include studio recitals, adjudications, masterclasses, and NATS auditions. Students are encouraged to participate, but it is not required. Materials and fees are included with membership.

Studio Scholarship

A studio scholarship may be awarded to an outstanding high school senior who has displayed exemplary focus and dedication to their voice study, given upon graduation. 

Voice Lesson Access Program

Low-cost or free voice lessons are offered to high school students who otherwise do not have access to voice lessons. These are awarded upon recommendation from, and coordinated with, the student's current high school choir director.

Participation, Responsibility and Liability

By participating in (signing up and paying for) voice lessons in Molly Holleran Voice Studio, the student/parent affirms that they understand and agree to all policies and procedures listed. The student/parent assumes full responsibility for any risk of personal injury, and agrees to hold the instructor harmless from any and all liability. Molly Holleran Voice Studio is not responsible for any illness, injury, loss or damages suffered by any person.